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No. 001

The Disinformation Issue

About This Issue

Disinformation campaigns are more than fake news. They’re coordinated, targeted efforts to shape perceptions. Yet for many, their inner workings remain a mystery.

Disinformation thrives when it goes unnoticed and unchecked. In this issue we bring the strategies and tactics behind disinformation campaigns into the light and showcase a series of countermeasures.

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The Problem

Disinformation spreads through strategic campaigns

Makings of a Myth

Disinformation is rarely a one-off or isolated event. Learn how disinformation campaigns are constructed from beginning to end.


There is no silver bullet solution to stop disinformation

Together, people and technology play a critical role in stopping its effects


Explore the various approaches—from policy to fact-checking—to fighting disinformation online.

Thwarting disinformation’s effects requires creative approaches

New Perspectives

Art plays an important role in bringing new perspectives to critical issues, enabling us to unlock new understandings about the state of the world and build stronger societal resilience. Rhizome, an affiliate in residence at New York City’s New Museum, commissioned contemporary artists to reflect on the nature of disinformation.

The disinformation battleground is not in the U.S.

Disinformation Data Visualizer

This project visualizes the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab research on coordinated disinformation campaigns.

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